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Nelson’s Collision Inc. Will Steer You in the Right Direction

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension work together to provide reliable navigation and a smooth ride. Proper maintenance enables you to detect small problems before they turn into big ones.

Common Steering and Suspension Problems

  • Difficulty Steering – Do you have to fight the steering wheel to drive straight? Does your vehicle veer off in one direction if you let go of the steering wheel?
  • Bouncing or Jumping – When you hit a bump, does your car keep bouncing? Does it feel like the steering wheel is pulled or jerked?
  • Shaking or Vibrating – Does the steering wheel shake or vibrate when you accelerate?
  • Banging and Clunking – Do you hear these noises when you drive over a bump?
  • Squeaking or Screeching – Do you hear these noises while steering?

Whether your vehicle has a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system, Nelson’s Collision has the know-how necessary to diagnose and repair any steering or suspension system problem.

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